Pharmacy Services
Flu vaccinations
Flu vaccinations are available at Kinton Pharmacy between September and March.

Medicines Use Reviews (MURs)
A Medicines Use Review is a chance for you to sit down and have a private, face-to-face, informal conversation with the pharmacist about your medicines. By the end of the MUR you’ll know more about your medicines and what they do and feel confident your medicines are working to benefit your health. The MUR is free and will usually last around 10 minutes. It is completely confidential and you and your GP will receive a record of the discussion. In addition, we can discuss any changes that may be required with your GP.

NHS Repeat Prescriptions
You can order your repeat prescription by telephone, email, or simply handing in your request form at the pharmacy. We also offer a prescription management system where we can order a prescription from any surgery on your behalf so that it is ready for when you need it. We also collect prescriptions from local surgeries twice daily.